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Absolutely love this website/company. I have bought several items from them and have all been great. Love the wide variety they offer.
With the recent events (COVID-19) they have really made it handy to order and get your product delivered to your door. I do miss the blow-pops they used to include in the packages.

Sam Smith,  


High price they add like $15 fee’s for 60mm
Bottle of E-juice, Other than that the juice is good I just don’t like the price they charge me, I don’t know if Covid-19 has something to do with it or that’s how they charge
The juice shipped from Florida to where I live in Washington state.

Tom Adams,  

New York

Best site for e-liquid and vaping needs

Your site is easy to use and you have the best menthol tobacco e-liquid that I have tried. Even my own mixture of e-liquid isn’t as good. Thanks for your products.

Lizzy Salivan,  


Not much to say, except I love their prices! I am always looking for low prices, and I found it at VaporiCenter!

Ellen Page,  

New York

Some vaporizers doesn’t work. The return is not easy. I still got those useless vaporizers. And you delivered the wrong items

Alice Stroll,  


This would be 5 stars but..

This would be 5 stars but I contacted VaporiCenter about an issue with a new vape device and no one ever got back to me about it. I always purchase their devices and accessories and have always been satisfied, up until this last device purchased.

Andrew Davis,  


Simply the best

Since I found VaporiCenter several years ago, I have looked at other vape shops and tried their juices but nothing has even come close to the quality that I get from Vaporicenter. Vaporicenter is by far the best vape shop to buy vaporizers and vape products from. Thank You VaporiCenter

Tony Barnett,  

Los Angeles

Hi Mark,

Thanks so much for sending the replacement. I had a very positive overall customer service experience and I really appreciate that. I plan on making many future purchases. 


Alan Ward,  


Thanks so much, Sophia. I thought I was going to have trouble with the warranty as I’m in Texas and you’re in California. I’m sure I’ll be buying from Vapori Center again!

Annie Stevens,  


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